The leveling of your building has a limited warranty for a period of one year from the date on your Invoice. The purpose of this warranty is to provide the owner of the building the peace that comes from knowing that he is not alone. Positek House Leveling will relevel at no additional charge any portion of the building that has settled within a one year period after the initial leveling. (This warranty is subject to the following exceptions)


    This limited warranty is null and void if the following occurs:

    • Building is damaged by an outside force that includes but is not limited to hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, high water or high wind.
    • If there is standing water under the building
    • If there is a drainage problem where water has washed soil from a portion of the foundation
    • If the soil under any area of the building has become satuarated with any kind of liquid

    Procedure for claim

    In the event of settling within the one year period of the limited warranty, the building owner should contact a Positek representative by calling 337 764-3078.

    Procedure for repair

    Positek is responsible to initiate the following action that they deem as most reasonable:

    • If settling has occured during the first six months of the limited warranty period and if no emergency exists, wait to ascertain if there will be any additional settling before repairing the problem
    • If the owner of the building attempts to repair the problem on his own without first contacting a Positek representative, the limited warranty will be automatically cancelled.
    • The warranty will remain in effect if the owner repairs the problem after first contacting a Positek representative and the representative agrees to the owner's doing the repair on his own.



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