When someone calls Positek House Leveling at 337 764-3078, they are usually interested in finding out something about our company. They will often want to also find out how our prices compare with those of other companies.

    We will normally get the basic information such as Name, Address, size of dwelling (we level both Mobile Homes and homes built on site) We also would like to find out how much clearance is under the house and if it is dry underneath.


    After getting the basic information, we try to answer any questions that they might have. As we continue to talk, we explain about our Limited one Year Warranty. We will also normally suggest that before they hire anyone, they should also check with Lake Charles, La. BBB


    We will then schedule an appointment for someone to meet with them to take a look at the house. In the event that the house will be raised more than a foot, the homeowner will need to disconnect gas, electricity, and phone facilities. However, normally this is not necessary. The initial inspection is to look for the following things:

    • Clearance between the ground and the bottom of the structure
    • Is there a drainage problem
    • Are there any leaking pipes
    • How clean is it underneath - debris or congested pipes
    • General condition of the sills and joists
    • size and design of the house


    After the initial inspection, we will give a written proposal. This gives the cost of leveling the house and also what the prices of any additional sills or joists would be if they are needed. Once the proposal has been given and accepted, the homeowner will initial the proposal and will be given a copy as well as a copy of the limited one year warranty. At this point we explain that it is our policy to not accept any payment in advance. A time is then set for beginning the job.

    We always explain that the average job can vary as to how long it will take. It may be from one day to three days. However, the basic price for leveling will stay the same. The only variable is if any sills or floor joists have to be installed. We will always confer with the owner before any additional work is done.


    When we arrive at the job site, the foreman will walk through the house with the homeowner. He'll be listening to their concerns as well as finding where any uneveness might be in the floors of the house. Quite often, he can tell them where the possibilities are greatest for finding sills or floor joists that might need replacing.

    Then, as the crew begins work underneath, it will be determined if there are any parts of the foundation that need repairing. All options will be given to the owners and additional work will be done only with their approval.




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